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Sarah Ennor Nov 30, 2023
Words Matter: De-stigmatizing ADHD and Mental Health

Learn what ADHD is, what it isn't, and how it can have serious mental health consequences. Perpetuating myth and stigma is harmful to everyone. We can change the narrative by choosing our words wisely.


Sarah Ennor is a speaker on a mission to bring simple inclusion strategies to life for businesses and law firms. Her focus
is on the human toll of being different. She believes curiosity is the key to growing our empathy and tolerance.
Her talks shed light on WHY this matters, bridging the gap between good intentions and meaningful action.
Sarah shares how ADHD has affected every area of her life, including her mental health. For over 15 years she’s
practiced law in a big firm, in-house, and in sole practice. She’s still a lawyer on the side.