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Mckenzie Kereluik, a recent Queen’s graduate, and collaborator in the creation of the Queen’s Environmental Coalition, was instrumental in the creation of the Queen’s Sustainability Volunteers or QSV.  

Kereluik’s first task was to create a survey of Queen’s University students on the issue of volunteerism. The survey was linked to the United Nations seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
What Kereluik discovered was that 100 percent of the students supported the idea of volunteering to improve their community while supporting the idea of the UN’s SDGs at the same time.  
With this knowledge, Queen’s Environmental Coalition, which is composed of nine different organizations are doing the administrative work, like acquiring liability insurance and trades training to have students do retrofitting of community homes to increase the number of livable dwellings in Kingston. 
Their immediate goals are to recruit more volunteers and create development and scheduling plans.  

Listen to and view Mckenzie Kereluik's presentation

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