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During the 2019-20 Rotary year, Rotary International's Board of Directors added a seventh area of focus "Supporting the Environment." Shortly after the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group was formed, called ESRAG for short. To encourage clubs, ESRAG through the Districts created a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Status system award levels. For their efforts in 2021-22, under the leadership of club president Elsabe Falkson, the Kingston Rotary Club has been designated an Eviroclub at the Bronze level for 2022-23 which begins on July 1, 2022.
Falkson has done more than just drive this action. She assumed the role of the club's Environmental Sustainability Officer and is chairperson of the ES Committee. At the same time she is the ESO for District 7040. 
To achieve the Eviroclub status the Kingston club: 
  • Devoted two club meetings to Environmental Sustainability
  • Participated in two Environmental initiatives in the past two years
  • Demonstrated a commitment to the environment by initiating a project with an Environmental sustainability component
This latter project not only initiated an environmentally sustainable component, but provided a fundraising activity for the club.  Hence, we encourage all Kingstonians to get on board the TruEarth train

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