Need a Makeup?  Go to the Rotary International website Club Finder page.


Type in the name of a large city in the region or the name of a country if it is smaller. Clubs will be displayed that fit your criteria along with a map showing the location of each club listed. The name and address of the club are shown as well as the day and time.


Makeups are great learning experiences, give you local connections and assistance, and promote international friendships. Remember to take one of our club's banners (available from the Secretary) and exchange with one of theirs. When you return, present the banner to our club with a few words about your experience. We'll love to hear about it. 


E-Clubs for Makeups

Read articles from an e-club for more than 1/2 hour; then send your 'makeup' to pvannest@cogeco.ca. There is much to learn from these e-club sites.


Each site is unique but look for a listing of "programs" or essays on a host of topics. You may have to work on several to accumulate the minimum of 1/2 hour.


When signing off, look for a button to initiate a "makeup card". This needs to be emailed to pvannest@cogeco.ca.  When received, Paul will 'reply' immediately and record the makeup. You should also see confirmation in the next issue of Ramblings. If neither of these happens, please email Paul directly with the club name and date of your makeup. The honour system works with us.


Enjoy and share with us your discoveries.